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Usually with gas that is how it goes. All gas is not created equal. Even the same brand of gas in different parts of the country are different. Actually as we all know by the extreme differences in mpgs that versa owners get that our cars are even different from eachother. So while one person may be getting great on 93 another may get really poor on it. Way too many variables to figure it out.

Only thing you can do is keep track of your own and use the same pump, station, grade of gas. So far on my V my worst tank of gas got me 34mpg of 100% highway. My best tank got me 38.84 of mixed driving. My average over the life of my car is about 38mpgs. She hasn't seen a winter yet with oxygenated fuel but then again it isn't fully broken in yet and I haven't switched to synthetic oil either.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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