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wrecked the versa a few days ago

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on I-95 heading to work. traffic was slowing. hit my brakes and tires locked up (road slightly wet) and slid into guy in front of me, which hit a lady in front of him. then I was hit from behind (3 cars behind me) for a total of 6 cars involved. cop estimated 30-35 mph at impact. driver airbag went off. no other people in my car. no one was injured. took 3 pics with my phone and now they have mysteriously turned into a blank/black pic and details say not protected. this is a new phone and I have no idea what that means. guess I need to look into it.

front end took a good hit, but whole thing is being repaired and I should have it back some time next week. so much for my versa speed grille.
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Glad you're okay man, the car is a car and can be fixed or replaced
oh man that sucks! hope your ok man!
glad you're okayy!
That sucks man but yeah cars can be fixed or replaced good that your ok.
Glad you're ok man, 6-car pile up must be scary.
How unfortunate, but at least you or anyone else wasn't injured. Like they said before a car can be replaced, a person can't.
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