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WTB: headlights

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I need both, or passenger side only, oem headlight off any versa except 2012 sedan. Need to be in nearly perfect condition.

Pm me respond here if you have anything.
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BUMP!!!!!!!!!!! Come folks I know somebody out here has some. I have money waiting for somebody.
Yeah i have OEM headlights for a 2010 hb versa, still on my V though so I can drive back home next week. waiting on the new halos to arrive haha
Well if there is nothing wrong with them and the price is right ill buy them, let me know ASAP.
haha yeah, they're in solid condition, i put vinyl tint on just the turn signal portion that i can easily take off for ya if you'd like. whats your offer? when are you looking for them by?
What are they worth to you, I need them ASAP, but can wait a bit if need be.
well i wouldnt be able to uninstall and mail them until the end of next week, so if that works im happy to help. and im thinking $200/pair + shipping since it seems its about $120-160 per headlight from a quick search online before their tax/shipping. thoughts?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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