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After some cursory forum-browsing, it seems as though one can just pull the Versa S stock radio (single CD) and replace it with the SL's 6-disc/Aux input unit with no wire-splicing and no drama.

This is an attractive option, since my girlfriend (it's her Versa I'd be cracking into, not mine) would love to have an MP3 input without changing the stock appearance of the interior.

I see a couple "For Sale" threads have come and gone, but I'm in the market to find one now. I imagine a lot of SL guys are taking the next step up and going aftermarket, so there has to be someone selling their old unit, right?

If you have one for sale, please PM me. I'll need a picture before we can make any transactions. I can do a money order, but Paypal preferred. USPS preferred also--shipping would be to 41256.

Thanks guys.
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