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XXR 521 (BBS LM Replica)... 17x7 +38

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FINALLY... after looking at all the bookmarks I had on my mac w/ wheels I can now delete them all as I found the wheels I fell in love with...:woot:

On to the pics

NOW... all I gotta do is slam it :drool5:
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Looks really good! Kinda dark imo, paint the front calipers for some contrast. How's the ride with the tires?
I've only driven a 1/4, so far all I can say is they are 100% quieter than my all season dunlops

I like the dark theme I'll try and get some better pics w/ a real camera
Lookin' real good. Like you've said you need to slam that or just drop a little...Its kiLLIng me LoL
Tinting the windows would help too, something ive gotta get done lol.
yeah nypd is tint nazi... so I don't know if that would be wise... it's $75 per tint ticket... they usually issue multiple, it has to be 70% visible... so that's some real light tint, and even if you have light tint they primarily will issue tint ticket in the night, they use a "meter" which obviously at night will read darker... go figure
Cops are crooks, for style and money lol. In Canada we can legally have 35% on the driver and passenger front windows, rear windows are free game.
In Canada we can legally have 35% on the driver and passenger front windows, rear windows are free game.
lucky, any tint on the front for cali is illegal. nice wheels man!
here in Cali, you can have your back windows as dark as you want... just so long as you have both side mirrors... but no tint for the front windows... i have 20% all around... i met a guy who tinted his whole front windshield...
^ sounds like NYC law... the rear window can be vynil shut...

there are some guys here running 20% in every single window and both front and rear windshields... don't know how they get away with it
well he doesnt get away with the front windshield... i saw him in line at court... lol
what size tires do you have installed on these? 215/45/R17?
^ yes that's the tire size I went with, I read all you guys comments on it being as close to oem size as you can get...
im thinking of getting the 522's 16x8 +0.... im hoping they only stick out an inch, otherwise i think it will time to flare it out!
or i can do 16x7 +25 in the front and 16x8 +0 in the rear... hmm.... im starting to get excited about this now!
I've never seen real pics of them so I was a little apprehensive how the "concave" would look... And the fact they'll look small :'(
i wish they made these in a 17" with a 4 lug pattern, if they had a higher offset i wouldnt have a problem running a conversion spacer, otherwise might have to do fender flares fo sho!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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