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Your Versa/Tiida Images Wanted!

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Check the post further down for updates!

Hey guys and gals,

With the new style of the site coming together now and a great idea from 2DR I am looking for your images of your Versa/Tiida to go into the swishy new header to replace the standard Nissan ones.

If you have a photo of your rig, post it up here so I can add it to the header. Would be great to get a few shots of your car to 'mimick' what we already have.

No blurry images or ones that are too light or too dark (don't have time to photoshop too much)!

Look forward to seeing what you have! (Amma polish mine on the weekend to get one up there!)

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hey did you get my pm? sorry for being OT. ill get some pics of my versa
No I didn't, have now :p

Yeah upload some images :)
if it ever thaws here, and i can clean up the car I will post something for you
Haha, no wait, that could be a twist n how 'cool' these babies it? lol

Don't mind me, just a silly old sod :p
ok ill upload them later tonight, just took some before it got dark, hopefully they look ok
i know he is busy, but go ahead and post them here, and when he has time again maybee we can update it
Yes yes! Sorry, I just got promoted at work and am now the senior we programmer for Australia and New Zealand (within our International company) so I haven't had time to scratch my arse.

I will get to it soon I promise my friends! :)
Okay guys and gals, I am going to free up a little bit of time to make a new header for the website and I need photo's of your cars.

Here's what I am looking for:

1. IN FOCUS! lol
2. As little background as possible (try taking a photo in front of a blank wall etc)
3. ART! Don't just stand there and take a photo. Get on the floor, climb a roof (carefully of course!) and be artistic!

I will probably create something that either runs a random banner each page or a flash type rotating image, not quite sure yet.

Please post your images here at a resolution no larger than 1200px and no less than a 1000px.


- Mark
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just put up some on my profile. my avatar pic might catch your eye
pics too small bro. need higher res of your av pic if you like :)
Thanks mate :)

It will be better when we get more images and it rotates a bit more. Also cool (if you noticed) that when someones car comes up, if you click on it, it opens up that members profile!


Wow. That is awesome! I just tried clicking on it and it opened up the profile!
Great job!!!!!
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