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Z Guy now with a Vers!

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Hello everybody! Just picked up a brand new 2012 Versa HB yesterday! For time being its really my girlfriends car till she finishes nursing school in a year... then she's getting a 128i then I get the Versa to be my work vehicle but I think I may trade it in for a Juke at that time. Test drove that yesterday as well and fell in love! I'll pry drop a grand into the F/I on the Juke when I make the switch...
Anyway a lil about me: I'm a Train Conductor for Norfolk Southern. And my pride and joy is my 2007 Nissan 350Z; she is supercharged with the GTM centrifugal kit, did the install myself in 2 days with the help of a buddy. She makes 440whp and is currently in the shop after getting rearended and I'm having a body kit put on then when I get her back I'm getting my tires right finally all I could do before was spin the 255's! I have it all sitting in my bedroom waiting to go on! Enkei RPF1's -Gunmetal-, fronts Sumitomo HTR ZII's 265/35r18 and rears BFGoodrich KDW2's 295/35r18...
If anyone has any questions about anything I'm an open book, don't be afraid to ask... I'd put up a thread about my Z with a full detailed build if there was interest but idk if there is lol this is a Versa forum after all.

Already modding!

For the Z

My baby getting dyno'd at ZDAYZ
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Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your V. It's a good DD. I've had mine for a little under 3 years and love it.

Any more pics of the Z? My big brother has an '03. Same color as yours. Mostly stock. Pretty quick though.
Thanks man! We are deff enjoying it!

On the right

Back before I got my Vanity... Now says: SC 350Z
Got rearended and went thru hell to get the insurance money! But in the final stages currently! Almost have her back!

At the Varsity meet

The woman and me
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I prefer the 03-05 body style but looks good. Love the color. Are the door handles painted or plastidipped? I like those in black. :thumbsup:
welcome to the forums!!
Welcome, nice rides. Hopefully you keep the V, has a lot of potential.
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