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Zip ties are my best friend.....from now on

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installed 6.5 JL speakers in all doors, if it wasnt for the zip ties they would never been able to go into the doors....:8:
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Any chance you can explain this further so that the next guy trying to install 6.5" speakers in the door or JBL speakers that they know what they are up against?

The Blaupunkt stock speakers (SL version here with the premium stereo system) has the speakers built into a hard plastic frame then attached by 3 bolts into the door skin. The stocker speakers are 60 watts each and 20RMS.

since my speakers are fairly deep I had to use a spacer, so I cut out the SL speakers(they are attached by 6-8 plastic legs) after I had them removed all you have remaining is a circle spacer.

I then put door insulation are the cricle and I attched the speaker using 4 zip ties, the fit is nice and tight with no movement or space for air to come out.

You can also reuse the speaker connectors if you wanted to, but I just cut the plug off and used the wire that was included with my speaker sets.

It is very hard to explain but was so simple to do, I am going to dynamat the doors and when I do that I will post better pictures of what I did to mount the speakers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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